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Cardiopulmonary Services

Your lungs, heart and sleep are important to us!

Gunnison Valley Health Cardiopulmonary Service provides excellent patient care including:

  • Pulmonary functional tests
  • Night time oxygen testing
  • Exercise cardiac stress testing
  • Cardiac ultrasound
  • Vascular analysis to understand blood flow to the brain and extremities
  • 24 hour heart event monitoring for 30 days

Gunnison Valley Health also supports education for pulmonary and cardiac diseases.

Sleep Disorders

Approximately 15% of the general population suffers from sleep disorders. Insomnia is the most prevalent followed by sleep apnea.

Symptoms that may indicate a sleep disorder:

  • Daytime sleepiness and generally tired all the time
  • Restless sleep at night
  • Bedcovers are in disarray upon waking
  • Snoring that rouses you or others in your household
  • Suddenly awoken gasping for breath
  • Difficulty concentrating or poor memory

If you can identify with any of these symptoms, you may have a treatable sleeping disorder.

Sleep affects your quality of life.

Sleep Study Programs

We offer sleep study programs and can perform a diagnostic sleep study to help explain your symptoms.

Registered Technological Sleep Staff attends and reports on your sleep study data.

Altitude Matters

Participating in a sleep study at the altitude in which you live and sleep is highly recommended for best results.

Gunnison Valley Health Cardiopulmonary Services & Sleep Lab
711 N. Taylor Street
Gunnison CO, 81230
(970) 641-7295

To best access Cardiopulmonary Services and the Sleep Lab, use the South Main Entrance.