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High Peaks Employee Club at Gunnison Valley Health

High Peaks is an employee-run philanthropic group of Gunnison Valley Health employees dedicated to promoting community spirit among the Gunnison Valley Health staff and throughout the Gunnison Valley community. The club is a voluntary program “by employees for employees” that is funded through employee donations from their paychecks. They currently have 91 members and contribute over $400 per pay period to the Foundation for support of the staff. All funding for the High Peaks Club is managed with the assistance of the Gunnison Valley Health Foundation.

Mission: The mission of High Peaks is to promote community spirit among the Gunnison Valley Health staff, and outside our walls, through philanthropy.


  1. To continually communicate the purpose of High Peaks to our community.
  2. To promote the mission and goals of High Peaks to new and existing staff.
  3. To promote and conduct activities that “give back” to Gunnison Valley Health and our larger community.
  4. To be mindful stewards of our High Peaks funds
  5. To involve as many Gunnison Valley Health staff in High Peaks as possible.

The employee members of the High Peaks Club work to promote and conduct activities that give back to the Gunnison Valley Health family and broader Gunnison Valley community. In addition to promoting the efforts of the High Peaks Club, they strive to be mindful stewards of the philanthropic funding they receive.

Some of the recent efforts by the High Peaks Employee Club include:

  • Holiday Food Drive for Local Food Banks
  • Staff Emergency Funding
  • Staff Softball Game and BBQ
  • Ice Cream Social for staff and SCC residents
  • Holiday Caring program for Staff Members
  • Covid-19 Relief Fund for Staff Members

Funding is distributed to staff families in need, employee recognition efforts, and other activities the club deems appropriate to meet the mission of High Peaks. If you are an employee of Gunnison Valley Health and are interested in being a part of the High Peaks Employee Club, please email or stop into the Human Resource Department.

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