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Gunnison Valley Health reduces opioid use as part of a State-wide pilot program

Gunnison Valley Health’s emergency department has spent the last six months participating in a state-wide pilot program reducing the amount of opioids it administers by 31% compared to the same time period in 2016.

Instrumental to the programs success, Gunnison Valley Health Physicians Champion Dr. Jay McMurren said he was delighted with the outcome which far exceeded the program goal of 15 percent.

“The program focused on providing alternative pain medications and educating our patients about the risks of opioid use,” Dr. McMurren said.

“Our results are a credit to our emergency room physicians who are aware of the health issues associated with opioid use and they are dedicated to creating a healthier community in the Gunnison Valley,” Dr. McMurren said.

Gunnison Valley Health CEO Rob Santilli said that Gunnison Valley Hospital was one of ten hospitals in Colorado to participate in the Colorado Opioid Safety Pilot, which was developed through key partnerships including the Colorado Hospital Association and the American College of Emergency Physicians.

“Our strong interest in participating in this project is to set a standard for rural hospitals and to positively impact our community,” Mr. Santilli said.

Moving forward, Gunnison Valley Health under the guidance of the Emergency Department Director Gina Lambert, will adopt the alternative options for acute pain relief as quality practice and will continue to take a lead in driving a healthier community.

“Participating in the program cements our passion to continually source healthier solutions that will ultimately make a difference to the Gunnison Valley Community,” Mr. Santilli said.