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A PET scan for people, not your furry friend!

Gunnison Valley Health is now offering the most advanced medical imaging technique available today combining Positron Emission Tomography with Computed Tomography or otherwise known as a PET/CT scan that detects specific diseases in your body.

Gunnison Valley Health’s Director of Imaging Brett Bruce said the PET/CT scans are most commonly used to detect cancer, heart problems, brain disorders and conditions with the central nervous system.

“The PET/CT scan is completely painless and uses a special dye that helps your doctor identify to see how well your organs and tissues are performing,” said. Mr. Bruce.

“It is proven to be the most reliable and accurate method to identify metabolic changes concerning abnormalities in a patient,” he said.

Advocating for this high level of imaging to the area is Gunnison Valley Health’s Director of Oncology Chuck Turner.

“Cancer cells have a higher metabolic rate and can easily be detected with a PET/CT scan,” said Mr. Turner.

“Although a PET/CT scan is useful to detect many conditions, it is helpful to determine the best approach to cancer treatment, monitor the progress and cancer recurrence,” he said.

Gunnison Valley Health will be partnering with Front Range Mobile Imaging to offer this service to the community twice a month on a Thursday.

“We are delighted to bring this superior service to the Gunnison Valley and pleased our patients do not need to travel outside the area for this advanced imaging,” said Mr. Bruce.

Patients will require a doctor’s order to receive a PET scan. For more information, please contact Gunnison Valley Health’s Cancer Care Center at 970-642-4773 or the Diagnostic Imaging Department at 970-641-7253.