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Anesthesiologist to join Gunnison Valley Health

Gunnison Valley Health will be expanding its anesthesiology staff to include an anesthesiologist, Dr. Jef Field, from September 24 of this year.

Gunnison Valley Health’s CEO Rob Santilli said expanding our anesthesia service to include an anesthesiologist will complement our exceptional service record delivered by our two nurse anesthetists.

“Our nurse anesthetists perform at the highest level of quality and consistently deliver exceptional results,” said Mr. Santilli.

“When the need arose for a third provider, we conducted a thorough search involving the nurse anesthetists in the interview process,” he said.

“Dr. Jef Field was their top candidate to complement our existing anesthesia service that continues to provide outstanding outcomes for this community,” said Mr. Santilli.

Chief Nursing Executive Lisa Loughran said the addition of a third provider to the anesthesia team provides more flexibility for the staff to respond quickly in critical situations.

“We are very fortunate to have outstanding surgeons, nurses, technicians and anesthetists who are passionate about delivering the best care to our community,” said Ms. Loughran.

“Adding a medical doctor to a very competent team of nurse anesthetists is a fantastic outcome for our community,” she said.

Mr. Santilli said that Dr. Jef Field is an outdoor enthusiast looking to raise his family in the valley and will be a great fit for the community.

“For a small rural hospital, the quality and level of expertise our staff performs daily is remarkable,” said Mr. Santilli.

“We are confident that expanding our anesthesia service to include a third provider will position Gunnison Valley Health for the future.”