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Proven Program to Kick Start Your Heart

People living with heart, lung or vascular disease can now lead an active and productive lifestyle thanks to Gunnison Valley Health’s 12 week Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

New to Gunnison Valley Rupert ‘Mick’ Meek said for years while living in Denver he didn’t know he had a heart problem until after various invasive operations took place.

“When I woke to find my leg doubled in size, I knew something was not right,” said Mr. Meek.

“After being rushed to the emergency hospital, it turns out I had several blood clots and needed five stints, one for each main artery,” Mr. Meek said.

To treat his heart condition, Mr. Meek resulted to taking 11 pills each day, lost his balance and most of his muscle strength.

“After each major operation, I was told to go home, sit and watch the Price is Right,” he said.

“I used to be so active and loved all outdoor activities from skiing to hunting, fishing and hiking. I became very depressed when I didn’t have enough energy or strength to do the activities I loved,” said Mr. Meek.

Moving to the area to spend time with his grandchildren, Mr. Meek realized he had to improve his life. He heard about Gunnison Valley Health’s 12 week cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation program and came in for an assessment with Lead Program Supervisor Carmen Mattics.

“When I first assessed Mick, he could only walk for 6 minutes at a time, had no muscular strength and struggled to breathe,” said Ms. Mattics.

“We listened to Mick’s goals and developed a one-on-one 12 week program that encompassed closely monitored exercise classes, mental health and nutrition to promote a healthy lifestyle,” said Ms. Mattics.

As a result of the program, Mr. Meek reduced his pill intake, can work out independently, has joined a gym and can keep up with his two year old twin grandsons.

“There is nothing I can do to say thank you so much to Carmen and her team. This program has changed my whole mental and physical aspect. I’m coming back to life and that is worth my weight in gold,” said Mr. Meek.

For more information on the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation program or if you are out of town and would like to continue your existing program, please contact Gunnison Valley Health at 970-641-7295.