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Gunnison Valley Health's Ophthalmologists are ready to SEE you!

Gunnison Valley Health’s Ophthalmologists are ready to SEE you!

People suffering from eye related conditions are now set to benefit with a new Ophthalmology service offered by Gunnison Valley Health starting May 17.

Gunnison Valley Health’s Ophthalmologist, Dr. Leslie Moskowitz-Elfenbein, MD, is delighted to bring her 17 years of experience in diagnosing and treating patients with eye related conditions to the Valley.

“Examining the eye from a medical point of view is an Ophthalmologist’s area of expertise,” said Dr. Moskowitz-Elfenbein.

“As a General Ophthalmologist, I specialize in diagnosing and treating patients with a range of eye related conditions such as autoimmune diseases, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and macular degeneration, as well as routine eye exams.”

“Often early detection of these conditions can reduce the risk of vision loss and allows a choice of treatment options,” said Dr. Moskowitz-Elfenbein.

Dr. Moskowitz-Elfenbein recommends an annual comprehensive eye exam not only when you need your vision checked but also to evaluate your general health.

“As a medical doctor, I look into the eye and see the retina and optic nerve. I can detect eye diseases such as ocular melanoma but can also see early signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, and brain tumors before symptoms occur,” she said.

Gunnison Valley Health’s CEO Rob Santilli said that to complete the Ophthalmology service, Dr. Jared Matthews, a corneal specialist practicing in Colorado Springs, will perform cataract surgery once a month at Gunnison Valley Health.

“For years we have been asked if we can offer an Ophthalmology service in the Valley and to provide such a high level of expertise in our community is outstanding,” said Mr. Santilli.

“We are delighted to deliver this new service and complement the existing vision services offered by our local Optometrists.”

“The big difference is our community members do not need to travel to other cities for medical eye exams and cataract surgery as we can provide it here,” said Mr. Santilli.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Gunnison Valley Health at 970-642-4816.