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An Eye Exam Can Save Your Life

All year you have been keeping yourself healthy, exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. But have you been looking after your eyes?

A routine annual eye exam for adults and children not only ensures your vision is healthy and your prescription for glasses or contact lenses are correct, but it also checks your overall health. There are many systemic diseases and conditions that show up in the eyes before they become apparent elsewhere.

A complete eye exam will screen for glaucoma, cataracts and examine your optic nerves and blood vessels. This specialized exam can diagnose the early onset of high blood pressure, diabetes, macular degeneration, auto-immune dysfunctions, and many more diseases.

The complete eye exam performed by a medical doctor can even diagnose eye melanoma and brain tumors before they become an issue.

Did you know Gunnison Valley Health now offers Ophthalmology services including cataract surgery? Click here to schedule your complete eye medical exam, or call 970-642-4816.

Your eye health is important to us.

Dr. Leslie Moskowitz - Elfenbein, MD (Medical Ophthalmologist) and Dr. James Burden, MD (Cataract Specialist) are Board Certified Ophthalmologists with extensive experience and training in diseases of the body and eyes.