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Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship

Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship

The American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute estimate there are 16.9 million cancer survivors in the United States as of January 1, 2019. They project an increase to 22 million by the year 2030. The number of cancer survivors continues to increase in the United States because of the growth and aging of the population as well as advances in early detection and treatment.

Every cancer patient and survivor deserve the highest quality care, including cancer rehabilitation. Cancer rehabilitation is a program that treats the unique needs of cancer survivors before, during and after cancer treatment to help reduce the effects of cancer and cancer related treatments.

Through our Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship program, cancer patients and survivors are given the tools and resources they need to optimize healing so they can maximize their function, improve their overall quality of life and emotional well being.

Conditions We Treat

Our team specializes in helping patients and survivors cope with a wide variety of conditions and symptoms which they may face following cancer diagnosis and treatments. These may include:

  • Decreased Ability to Perform Daily Activities
  • Decreased Energy and Fatigue
  • Decreased Joint Range of Motion
  • Pain
  • Weakness
  • Scar Conditions
  • Numbness/Tingling
  • Balance/Walking Difficulties
  • Swelling (Lymphedema/edema)
  • Pelvic Floor /Sexual Health Dysfunction
  • Osteoporosis or Low Bone Density
  • Impaired Cognition
  • Swallowing Problems
  • Impaired Speech
  • Impaired Sleep
  • Anxiety, Stress, and/or Depression
  • Weight Loss/Gain

Services We Provide

  • Manual Therapy to Address Soft tissue, Scar and Joint Restrictions
  • Individualized Prescriptive Exercise Program to Restore Range of Motion, Strength and Endurance
  • Energy Conservation and Fatigue Management
  • Mobility Retraining
  • Pain Management
  • Stress Management and Sleep Training
  • Fall Risk Assessment/Fall Prevention and Balance Training
  • Lymphedema Risk Reduction Education
  • Lymphedema and Edema Management
  • Cognitive/Safety Assessment and Intervention
  • Swallowing Assessment and Intervention
  • Bowel/Bladder Management
  • Return to Work and Activities of Daily Living Retraining

Why Use Our Service

Improve Your Function:

  • Improving mobility and building strength and endurance will help you to maintain and restore an active lifestyle

Regain Your Independence:

  • We match your needs and goals with the right rehabilitation plan so you can recover sooner and stronger.

Improve Your Wellbeing:

  • Recovering from cancer and cancer treatments requires a whole person approach. We are here to guide and empower you to maximize the quality of your life.

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