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3D Tomosynthesis Mammography

Mammography is an X-ray test of the breasts (mammary glands) used to screen for breast problems. A mammogram is conducted to help screen for or to diagnose breast cancer. Many small tumors can be seen on a mammogram before they can be felt by a woman or her health care professional.

Cancer is most easily treated and cured when it is discovered at an early stage. While mammograms do not prevent breast cancer or reduce a woman’s risk of developing cancer, regular mammograms can reduce a woman’s risk of dying from breast cancer by detecting a tumor when it is at a more treatable stage.

3D Tomosynthesis is the latest in breast imaging technology. By taking multiple images of breast tissue to recreate a 3D picture, tumors and cancer clusters can be more readily identified, especially in dense breast tissue. Funding for our 3D Tomosynthesis machine was generously donated by Cattlemen's Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink.

We also offer breast ultrasound and breast biopsy for those who need a more in depth screening or further breast care.

2D vs. 3D Mammography Exams

The Genius 3D Mammography exam allows our team of professionals to examine your breast tissue layer by layer. So, instead of viewing all of the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, as with conventional 2D mamography, fine details are more visible and no longer hidden by the tissue above or below. the Genius exam consists of a 2D and 3D image set, where the 2D image can be either an acquired 2D image or a 2D image generated from the 3D image set.

Mammo Mondays

The new and latest 3D screening technology is now available at Gunnison Valley Health, thanks to the support from Cattleman's Days Tough Enough To Wear Pink. Gunnison Valley Health now offers 'Mammo Monday's' for you Hologic Genius 3D Mammography Exam. This exam is more accurate and finds up to 65% more invasive breast cancers than 2D exams. With the new technology, you can have early detection of breast cancer. To schedule an appointment or for more information contact Gunnison Valley Health's Diagnostic Imaging Department at (970) 641-7253.

What to Expect During your Exam

The process of a 3D Mammography exam is the same as your conventional 2D exam. The technologist will position you, compress your breast, and take images from different angles. There is no additional compression required with 3D Mammography exam, and it only takes a few extra seconds for an exam, proven to be more accurate.

To schedule an appointment or for more information contact Gunnison Valley Health's Diagnostic Imaging Department at (970) 641-7253.