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Breast MRI

Breast MRI

At Gunnison Valley Health, we provide comprehensive breast care services supported by dedicated equipment and breast imaging specialists to perform a range of essential procedures in the Gunnison Valley.

What is a breast MRI?

Breast MRI’s (magnetic resonance imaging) uses radio waves and strong magnets to make detailed pictures inside of the breast as well as the chest wall. MRI is not limited by breast density in the same manner as Mammography.

Why would I need a breast MRI?

A breast MRI is utilized in conjunction with mammography as an enhanced screening tool used to:

  • Help determine the extent of breast cancer after a positive biopsy result.
  • Screen for breast cancer for certain women at high risk for breast cancer including individuals with personal gene mutations and a strong family history of the disease.
  • Problem solve when results from mammography and breast ultrasound are inconclusive.

What equipment does Gunnison Valley Health use?

At Gunnison Valley Health, we use the latest equipment thanks to the support of Tough Enough To Wear Pink. The dedicated breast MRI coil uses strong magnets instead of radiation to take pictures of soft tissue from many angles to form a very detailed cross section of your breast.

Comprehensive breast care services

At Gunnison Valley Health, we offer a complete range of breast imaging services for those who need a more in depth screen or further examination:

For more information, speak to your physician or contact Gunnison Valley Health's Diagnostic Imaging Department at (970) 641-7253.