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Bike Fitting and Running Evaluation

The Gunnison Valley is an outdoor athlete’s playground. Many community members are avid cyclists and runners. Whether a recreational athlete or a professional, correct form in both cycling and running are crucial in order to perform at the highest level, prevent injury, and keep your body in condition to enjoy many years of activity.

What is a bike fitting?

From downhill to road, cyclists in every discipline can benefit from a bike fitting with a physical therapist (PT). A correct fitting will prevent injury and allow riders to ride faster, longer and more comfortably. The first step in a bike fitting is to ensure the frame itself is appropriately sized. After this, the main adjustments are the three main points of contact: the saddle, grips, and pedal. Additionally, identifying and addressing any underlying strength or flexibility issues can make the rider a more natural fit on the bicycle.

What is a Running Evaluation?

In a running evaluation, a PT conducts a systematic video analysis of running form on a treadmill in order to capture the key variables that could influence performance and running related injuries. In combination with a musculoskeletal assessment, this analysis will help the PT and runner develop a program to return to pain-free running.

Why Use Us?

The team of PTs at Gunnison Valley Health conducting fittings and evaluations are not only experts in athletic medicine, but are avid cyclists and runners themselves. Our PTs know the trails throughout the Valley and are passionate about making sure athletes of all types enjoy them as much as possible. Additionally, Gunnison Valley Health has Rehab offices in both Gunnison and Crested Butte so you can visit us and get back on the trail quickly and easily.

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