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Community Health Needs Assessment

Understanding the health needs of our community and what Gunnison Valley Health is doing to address them

In the fall of 2016, we conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment in conjunction with Montrose Memorial Hospital and Delta County Memorial Hospital. Information was sought from a variety of our community members including representatives from healthcare, government, clergy, business, and non-profit communities, among others. Once gathered, the findings were analyzed and presented to a team of representatives from GVH. The team considered the needs that were highlighted and identified the steps we have taken as a health system to address them. The team also identified potential steps that could be taken or programs that are going to be implemented in the future that further address the key needs.

The 2016 community assessment identified three significant needs that needed to be addressed. Collaborately with many groups and organizations, the following steps have been taken to address the need and improve the services we offer:

1. Mental Health/Suicide/Drug Abuse/Alcohol Abuse.

  • Gunnison Valley Health collaborated with The Center for Mental Health to bring mental health services to Crested Butte.
  • Gunnison Valley Health and The Center for Mental Health implemented a Peer Support Specialist who mentors and helps those struggle with mental health conditions in both Gunnison and Crested Butte.
  • Our primary care clinics have a behavioral health therapist and we pre-screen our clients to help assess their overall health.
  • As mental health was a significant need in Gunnison, Montrose and Delta - The Center for Mental Health has since opened a Crisis Walk-In Center located in Montrose that offers urgent behavioral health care and substance abuse services 24/7.

2. Access to Physicians.

  • Gunnison Valley Health Family Medicine Clinic added three providers.
  • Gunnison Valley Family Physicians added four providers.

3. Cancer Care Services.

Cattlemen's Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink has supported Gunnison Valley Health with the following:

  • Oncology Nurse Navigator - to help those with cancer find the right support, financial assistance and resources available.
  • The latest 3D mammogram technology - provides more accurate results.
  • Advanced technology to support a mammographer - dedicated radiologist who specializes in breast screening.

We remain committed to the health of our community and addressing the needs identified by our community members.

A complete report on the findings and results can be viewed for:

Gunnison Valley Health is proud to serve our community.

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