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Patient Resources

Substance Abuse Prevention, Intervention, Treatment


Gunnison County Substance Abuse Prevention Project
Providing prevention information, tips for parents, community coalition:
(970) 642-7396

Gunnison County Public Health
Providing smoking cessation kits and resources:
(970) 641-0209

Gunnison Area Restorative Practices
Family mediation, school-based mediation, high school substance abuse group therapy sessions, referrals to treatment:
(970) 641-7668

Partners of the Gunnison Country
Mentoring and support for youth:
(970) 641-5513

Western’s Responsible Alcohol Partnership (WRAP)
college based prevention and intervention referrals:
(970) 943-2500

Intervention and Treatment

Alcoholics Anonymous:
Gunnison meetings held at The Last Resort, 114 N. Wisconsin Ave:
(970) 641-6056.

Crested Butte meetings held at Union Congregational Church, 403 Maroon Ave:
(970) 349-6405

Center for Mental Health:
Counseling, substance abuse treatment and referral:
(970) 641-0229

Family Advocacy and Support Team (FAST):
Intensive family support through Gunnison County:
(970) 641-7665

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT):
brief substance abuse screening and counseling with options for referral.
Available at Gunnison Valley Hospital and Western State College Clinic:
(970) 596-2661