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January's Topic: Maintaining Behavioral Health

With the new year comes new hope.

With the New Year comes new hope. Hope is essential to our mental health and a vital part of healthy living. Learning to care for ourselves through eating well, exercise, being mentally active, having regular check-ups with primary care providers, participating in activities or hobbies that we enjoy, and having regular supportive interactions with others are all activities which support mental wellness.

One important factor that regulates our emotional and mental health is getting adequate, restful sleep. Sleep can be affected by things such as stress, drugs (prescription and non-prescription), alcohol, and our environment. Developing a nightly routine that includes quiet time, no electronics, and mindful relaxation can prepare our mind and body for a better night sleep.

An active mind is a healthy mind. Just like your body needs daily exercise to maintain good health and be able to relax, so does your mind. Each day, participate in activities that stimulate your brain without overwhelming you, such as puzzles, board games, thought-provoking conversations, and new experiences. Also remember to take time to stop, breathe, and relax.

If you have a mental health concern or question, feel free to call Gunnison Valley Health Behavioral Health Specialist Lorie Fuller at 970-318-6323 or the Center for Mental Health at 970-641-0229. Your mental health is essential to healthy living.

About Lorie Fuller:

Born and raised locally, Lorie returned to the Gunnison Valley in 2005 and has been working to offer solution-focused therapy throughout the valley ever since. Before joining our team, Lorie spent almost 3 years as a private provider working primarily with youth and families. Prior to that she worked within many systems locally and on the western slope including Gunnison and Mesa County Departments of Health and Human Services, Gunnison and Mesa County School Districts, Gunnison County Juvenile Services, Colorado Department of Youth Corrections, and various private entities. Lorie has a BA in Counseling Psychology from Mesa State College and a MA in Counseling from Adams State College. She is pleased to be offering mental health resources and reaching a broader population through this integrated behavioral health collaboration between Gunnison Valley Health and the Center for Mental Health.