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The Gunnison Valley HealthSpot is a monthly resource for information on a variety of topics ranging from the best way to get a good night's sleep to women's health.

July's Topic: Bike Fitting with Rehab and Athletic Medicine Team Member Michael Kugler.

Get the most out of your bike

The bike is a beautiful, symmetrical machine. Unfortunately, people are rarely graced with such symmetry. They have hand and leg dominance patterns, musculoskeletal differences, and even leg length discrepencies. Taken together, these asymmetries can often make the experience of riding a bike uncomfortable.

There are three main points of contact between the rider and bicycle: the saddle, grips, and pedals. Getting these just right, can be the difference between comfort (and by extension, fun!) and pain. Without being addressed, a poor fitting bike can even lead to injury.

Some bike fittings are as simple as an adjustment to these reference points. Other times, working on underlying strength and flexibility issues will make the rider more functionally symmetrical and a more natural fit on the bicycle. Working with a trained bicycle fitter can begin the process to allow for an enjoyable experience. Here at GVH, our Rehab and Athletic Medicine team can work with you to get your bike fitting just right and make sure you are getting the most out of your time on the trail or the road.

While the old saying “like riding a bike” may mean something learned but never forgotten, there are still many opportunities to improve on the learned bike experience. A simple bike fitting can be a starting point to maximizing enjoyment on the bike and the abundance of trails in the Gunnison Valley.

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