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What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive, holistic medical system. It activates your body's innate healing responses by regulating hormones, improving circulation, boosting the immune system and relieving pain. Types of Chinese Medicine services include:


Acupuncture is the insertion of find needles into the body at specific points. Acupuncture is relatively pain-free and the main modality of Chinese Medicine used in Eastern Medicine practices for over 3,000 years.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine (herbs and diet) are used to address symptoms and underlying causes of sidsease. Your practitioner may recommend some dietary modifications, or prescribe a specific herbal preparation to help support the healing process.

Manual Techniques

  • Cupping uses suction to improve circulation and reduce pain and manipulate the fascia.
  • Gua Sha uses a small tool to scrape the surface of the skin, improving circulation and reducing pain.
  • Tuina is Chinese medical massage.

Auricular Therapy (reflexology)

A microsystem of the body that has a direct reflex to the brain and central nervous system. These points are stimulated with ear seeds or filiform needles allowing relief and treatment of symptoms.

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