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Gentle Therapy To Release Tension

Ortho Bionomy is a bodywork that uses positional release, subtle movement and gentle compression to engage the structure and neurology of your body. Sessions are pain free and you remain fully clothed.

Ortho-Bionomy Techniques

Phased Reflex Techniques

This technique activates the proprioceptors surrounding a joint. These nerves signal the central nervous system to send a reflexive signal to the stretch receptors in the muscles so the fibers can reset to normal resting length. This results in the release of tension and holding - and often the release of pain.

Exploration of Movement Patterns

Exploring movement patterns helps to assess movement, identify patterns and address the chain of causation for a complaint. The body responds better when given the corrective motive for change.

Posture and Post Techniques

These techniques teach you to recognize which positions relieve pain or stress. Finding the optimum position stimulates self-correction and interrupts the reflex arc that perpetuates the pain cycle.

Isometrics and Isotonic Techniques

These techniques restrain/assist movement while the muscle is engaged which helps re-educate extinguished reflexes and re-establishes appropriate tone to those muscles.

Chapman's Reflexes

Chapman's reflexes identify points along the spine to facilitate lymphatic drainage and a balancing of organs. Unimpeded circulation of blood and lymph are key in attaining optimal physical health. If there is dysfunction in the endocrine system, there will be an effect on the structural system as well.

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