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Nicole Huff

Nicole Huff, Chief Nursing Officer

Nicole has been involved in the healthcare profession since 1996. She has been involved in multiple aspects of the healthcare team; from Environmental Services to Nursing Administration. Along this journey, Nicole has become a wife and mother of 3. Nicole prides herself for learning valuable lessons from all aspects of her life and she has always tried to carry those lessons through her career. This has molded Nicole into the leader she is today.

Nicole chose leadership because she wanted to be a part of the solution. The lessons learned throughout her life have driven her to become a leader that everyone respects and follows. Over the years she has established a very different but simple philosophy - the staff does not work for the leadership, leadership works for the staff. Through this philosophy, Nicole has been able to achieve high employee engagement and outstanding patient satisfaction. The staff that Nicole leads have earned multiple guardian of excellence awards and have been recognized as one of the top CAH hospitals in the nation 7 years running.