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Our Plan for the Future

Planning for the future delivery of health services is essential if we are to successfully meet the health needs of our growing and aging population.

This Strategic Plan 2020-2025 outlines how we will meet the challenges ahead by embracing discovery and learning, building partnerships and engaging our community to deliver excellent health and wellbeing. It will be the central focus as we develop and update our clinical services, community engagement and infrastructure management.

Our priority will be to continue to deliver extraordinary healthcare. To do this, five distinct themes have been identified to drive the strategic plan forward:

  1. Accessibility through integrated delivery
  2. Organizational excellence
  3. Delivering value
  4. Culture of innovation
  5. Strengthening community health

Each of these strategic themes will be driven by clear plans and performance measures to ensure there is a focus on the delivery of the objectives of the Strategic Plan and the best health outcomes for our community. Key priorities have been identified and we will develop a measurement and reporting framework for evaluating our progress.

This Strategic Plan is our framework to bring together the entire healthcare system team, in conjunction with the community, to always remain two steps ahead of future advancements. We have great confidence that this Plan will deliver Gunnison Valley Health’s vision for the future to provide sustained, premier care that promotes lifelong health and wellness.

View and download a PDF our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.

Gunnison Valley Health’s Executive Team presented our strategic plan to the community. View the presentation below: