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Gunnison Valley Health Completes 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment

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The Gunnison Valley Health Board of Trustees approved the final 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment clearing the path for the health system to begin an implementation plan to address the top identified needs. Gunnison Valley Health completes the assessment every three years with the goal of identifying gaps in services and the overarching health needs of Gunnison County.

Gunnison Valley Health CEO, Jason Amrich, said the assessment and input from the community is a critical component of strategic planning for the health system.

“The importance of the Community Health Needs Assessment cannot be understated,” Amrich said. “We are constantly looking for ways to increase access and provide the services people need locally. Hearing from the community helps us to direct our resources to the areas that will have the greatest impact.”

Based on input from local experts and county residents, the 2022 assessment identified the top ten health and community needs as: mental health, healthcare affordability, affordable housing, substance abuse, a livable wage, cancer, women’s health, employment and income, access to childcare and preventative healthcare services.

While all identified needs are vital to the health and well-being of the community, some are beyond the scope of the health system and were not included in the implementation plan.

“I recognize the importance of the community needs identified in the assessment; their impact is felt by our patients and every person who works within the health system,” Amrich said. “Because we are the sole health system in the county, we must first focus on meeting the health and medical needs of residents and visitors. However, we are committed to working alongside our local governments, nonprofits and other key stakeholders to address these critical community issues wherever we are able.”

Gunnison Valley Health has developed an implementation plan for the top six health needs identified in the survey. The plan identifies ways to effectively meet the need and ensure the community has the ability access services and resources locally to support their health and well-being.

Over the years, Gunnison Valley Health has laid the groundwork for addressing these needs though existing services and partnerships with local nonprofits and partner agencies.

“I want people to have the ability to access high-quality care without having to travel outside of the Gunnison Valley,” Amrich said. “Through expanded service offerings, telemedicine and partnerships with other organizations Gunnison Valley Health can be a hub for healthcare from birth through end of life for everyone.”

Gunnison Valley Health plans to invite the community to attend a short presentation of the survey results and engage in a community conversation about the needs and desired actions from the health system.

“I want to keep the conversation going and ensure that I fully understand what services and actions community residents hope to see us take in response to the assessment,” Amrich said. “The Community Health Needs Assessment is a great first step, and there is so much more that we hope to accomplish.”

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