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Gunnison Valley Health Invites the Community to a Celebration of Life

On Saturday, June 4, Gunnison Valley Health Hospice and Palliative Care will host the second annual Celebration of Life. The event is a memorial celebration offering the opportunity to honor loved ones who have died. The event begins at 10 a.m. in West Tomichi Riverway Park and will include a light brunch, music and the release of memorial lotus flowers.

Gunnison Valley Health’s Bereavement Coordinator, Dawn Stewart, hopes that the event will provide an opportunity for families to honor their loved ones and find comfort and support.

“The loss of a loved one is difficult and each person experiences grief differently,” Stewart said. “The Celebration of Life is an opportunity to reconnect with hospice staff, find support and honor the life and memory of a loved one.”

The event is built around the lotus flower which is symbolic of transition and change. Lotus flowers grow in murky waters, blooming in the light.

“The lotus flower is a symbol of transition,” Stewart said. “Growing through the darkness and emerging into the light is a meaningful symbol of the process of loss, grief and healing.”

While the event will honor all patients served by Gunnison Valley Health Hospice over the past year, all members of the community are invited to call and reserve a lotus flower in honor of their loved ones.

To RSVP and reserve a lotus, call 970-641-4254 by May 25.