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Gunnison Valley Health Reopens Sleep Center

Gunnison Valley Health will re-open its sleep center on May 21. Gunnison Valley Health’s Sleep Center offers both at-home and hospital-based sleep studies which are utilized to diagnose sleep disorders.

Gunnison Valley Health CEO, Jason Amrich, acknowledged the importance of the service.

“I am thrilled to once again offer both in-lab and at-home sleep services to the community,” Amrich said. “Access to sleep studies without the need to travel long distances is extremely important. I am committed to maintaining the service locally well into the future.”

A polysomnogram is an overnight sleep study that records detailed information and shows how your body reacts during sleep. A technician attaches sensors to your body for the study. The sensors will monitor a variety of body functions including brain waves, heart rate, breathing patterns, oxygen levels, eye movement and limb movements.

The Gunnison Valley Health Sleep Center has been closed for a protracted period due to equipment and staffing shortages. In order to re-open the service, Gunnison Valley Health’s cardiopulmonary team worked closely with the equipment supplier and medical staff to ensure patient safety and quality of the testing.

“Our patients are at the center of everything we do, and it is imperative that we are doing everything possible to ensure safety,” Amrich said. “Staff from across the health system were able to come together to address equipment issues, recruit experienced staff and resume this important service.”

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