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Gunnison Valley Health Partners with Vibrant America Clinical Laboratories

A Letter from Tina Wilson, Gunnison Valley Health Lab Director

The Gunnison Valley Hospital Laboratory is partnering with Vibrant America Clinical Laboratories, who are developing (with the FDA) a home collection kit for COVID-19, looking for antibodies. This will help determine what stage of the viral infection you are in and if you now have antibodies against the COVID-19 virus. This information will provide significant research to improve testing methodologies. Thanks so much for your help!

We are looking for 50 patients who have tested positive and 30-40 who have tested negative for COVID-19. You must be 14 days from your swab collection if you tested positive. We will not be testing anyone that could still be infectious.

We will be asking you to sign a consent, have 1 tube of blood collected and you will poke your finger and put a drop of blood on a piece of paper. We will then send your specimens to Vibrant Laboratories for testing. GVH Laboratories will receive your blood test results, and we will notify you when we receive those results.

This study is free to participants, you may call the GVH Laboratory to schedule a collection or we may reach out to you from GVH Laboratory. We will be collecting every day of the week from 8:00-11:00 until we complete the study.

GVH Laboratory Phone Number – 970-641-7259.

Thank you in advance, this is a great opportunity to aid in the development of accurate Antibody testing kits, so patients do not have to leave their residence.


Tina Wilson, MT (ASCP)

GVH Laboratory Director