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Throughout the year the Gunnison Valley Health Foundation hosts signature fundraising events at both ends of the Gunnison Valley.


Gunnison Valley Health Foundation—Giving Back to our Staff and Senior Residents

High Peaks

The GVH Foundation provides oversight of the High Peaks Employee Club that exists to promote community spirit among the GVH staff by conducting activities that give back to the GVH family and broader Gunnison Valley community. This year, there are several noteworthy activities that are taking place to help those in need and spread holiday cheer throughout the community.

Last year, Gunnison Valley Health started an “adopt a senior” gift giving program after it was discovered that some of our Senior Care Center residents were without support from loved ones during the holiday season. The program quickly grew and the opportunity was given to GVH employees to sign up to provide gifts to all residents. The result was more gifts and assistance being offered than needed! 35 residents came to the annual candlelight dinner last week and were greeted by beautifully wrapped Christmas presents. “The employees love doing it—helping the residents have a good Christmas is a highlight of their holiday season,” stated Tammy Scott, Foundation Coordinator.

Each year, the High Peaks employee club accepts requests to support GVH employees who are in need of support through the holidays. The committee reviews the anonymous requests and no one was turned down. $5,000 was distributed to 12 employees in need—mostly related to health concerns. An additional $2,000 was allocated to 4 employees for emergency help to provide funds to visit sick friends and family members. One of the employee recipients stated” I just wanted to say thank you again for the gift cards! High Peaks sweet gesture absolutely made my month (and it has been an incredibly rough month). I went from struggling on how I was going to do any Christmas, to such a relief I could hardly breathe…… I am totally going to spoil my 3 kiddos ❤ Thank you again, GVH is the BEST!

Gunnison Valley Health Foundation Supports New Scholarship Program!

The Gunnison Valley Health Foundation recently provided funding for three $10,000 scholarships for current GVH staff. This specific scholarship program encourages current staff to pursue a Nursing Degree, in order to become Long Term Care Nurses at our Senior Care Center Facility. Creating a career path for our C.N.A’s to go to nursing school is a great step to retaining our C.N.A.s as they enhance their career, while also investing in a very stable future for our team of L.P.N.s and RNs.
This is just one of many initiatives underway to support and retain this group of crucial staff and is truly an investment in the Senior Care Center Nursing Team that will benefit our staff and residents for years to come.

Meet our funding partner...Rocky Mountain Health Foundation

Have you heard that the Gunnison Valley Health Foundation has received a $10,000 grant from the Rocky Mountain Health Foundation this year? These funds will be used to support our behavioral health services and will directly help us to support the hiring of a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) to fill a critical services gap in supporting the mental and behavioral healthcare needs of those impacted by and recovering from the health and economic crises caused by COVID-19.
The Rocky Mountain Health Foundation serves 22 counties in Western Colorado. With the mission of improving the overall health of a community, Rocky Mountain Health Foundation is a newly-converged $40 million permanent and regional funding resource as the result of Rocky Mountain Health Plans selling to United Healthcare. The Foundation addresses some of the Western Slope’s most pressing health needs, including access to healthcare, hunger, transportation to/from medical treatments, and integrated behavioral health. More information can be found at


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