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Gunnison Valley Health Foundation News

Throughout the year the Gunnison Valley Health Foundation hosts signature fundraising events at both ends of the Gunnison Valley.


Gunnison Valley Community Steps Up to Support the Gunnison Valley Health COVID 19 Relief Fund

In mid March, the Gunnison Valley Health Foundation initiated their COVID 19 Support Fund to provide critical support to our health care system during the COVID-19 pandemic and to date, 93 individuals have donated over $35,000! The COVID-19 Support Fund has been used to ensure Gunnison Valley Health’s medical team has the essential lifesaving equipment, technology and support needed to provide the best possible care and safety for themselves and our patients. Many inkind donations have also been received over the past two months valued at $48,431! We are very humbled by the generosity of our community at such a critical time!

Personal Protective Equipment Grant Awards

On May 2, 2020, the Foundation received $25,000 from the Colorado COVID 19 relief fund to help our healthcare system purchase personal protective equipment and disinfectant for safety, lifesaving medical supplies, and patient testing supplies. The medical supplies purchased have provided immediate benefit to health workers and patients, and serve the community at large through lowering COVID19 spread and allowing for continued access to quality care. An additional grant for PPE in the amount of $5,000 was received from the El Pomar Foundation in Colorado Springs!

Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley Provides Mental Health Support for At Risk Clients

The Gunnison Valley Health Foundation is the recipient of $12,700 in grant funds to serve the residents at the Senior Care Center (SCC) and Assisted Living facility through the hiring of a part-time Peer Support Specialist (PSS), trained and focused on serving the senior population. The PSS will be available to SCC residents 10 hours/week to aid in the mental health response and recovery for this vulnerable population with unique needs. Additional funding was also received to serve the residents at the Senior Care Center through the purchase of 10.2-inch retina display Wi-Fi and Cellular enabled iPads that have allowed residents to connect with relatives and loved ones. Grant funds will also be used to serve those in our community struggling with substance abuse relapse and associated mental health struggles through supporting additional Peer Support Specialist availability. We deeply appreciate the support of our local Community Foundation