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Curious about Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare)?

ColoradoCare and Amendment 69: Good or Bad for Gunnison Valley Health?

Colorado voters have a big choice to make about healthcare this fall. If approved, Colorado will be the second state ever to embark on a single-payer system, the other being Vermont (a plan that was abandoned in 2014). According to an independent analysis by the Colorado Health Institute, ColoradoCare, which would be created by the passage of Amendment 69, would launch the most far-reaching healthcare reform in any state since the ACA, and its consequences would be greater than the ACA for our state and community. While the ACA sought to increase coverage by funneling more people into the current systems of private or public insurance, ColoradoCare would create a new system that would displace both Medicaid and private insurance. ColoradoCare promises to have a profound impact on healthcare statewide, and therefore a profound impact on Gunnison Valley Health. Here at GVH we encourage everyone to be informed about ColoradoCare and its ramifications for healthcare in our valley and our state.