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The Strength of our Healthcare System is the Fabric of a Great Community

Gunnison Valley Health’s response to the COVID–19 outbreak is a reflection of a health system that sees no boundaries.

Routed in Planning

It’s researching best practices, understanding where healthcare is going and imagining what it could be...

  • A Pandemic Plan was in place by the end of 2012. It has been updated regularly as we learned from perceived threats such as SARS, Avian Flu, H1N1 and EBOLA.
  • In January notification went to our staff advising of the potential COVID-19 virus along with recommendations for assessment and treatment.
  • A COVID-19 plan was in place by January 28, 2020.

Routed with Collaboration

It’s bringing stakeholders together to deliver the most innovative and comprehensive ideas and, offer the leadership to drive success.

Dr. Jason Hogan, Trauma Director, and Dr. Shay Krier, Emergency Medical Services Director, both board-certified emergency medicine physicians joined Jodie Leonard, RN, Infection Control Specialist, and CJ Malcolm, Chief of EMS, to form the GVH representative team and partnered with Health and Human Services and other key representatives to create a Gunnison County unified incident command structure to guide the COVID- 19 community response.

Routed with Talent

It’s hiring individuals that are the best fit by identifying skill sets that match a high performing culture.

  • Over 380 employees with 40 clinical and support departments and combined, the efforts have exceeded expectations at every level.
  • Training and mentoring programs have moved staff beyond their comfort zone, allowing them to learn and grow, and creates a high performing culture that is sustainable.

Routed with Results

It’s problem-solving using lean training and evidence-based leadership and medicine that delivers outstanding results.

  • We sourced protective personal equipment (PPE) early in order to have sufficient supplies to protect our staff.
  • Ventilators were doubled, patient care rooms were transitioned to negative pressure for COVID-19 treatment, and an alternative care site was set up at Fred Field Center in case of a surge.
  • A sophisticated UV Lytbot was purchased to eradicate COVID-19 pathogens ensuring a safe environment for staff and patients.

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“There are moments in your career where you cannot be more proud. After 40 years in healthcare this is one of those moments for me. Thank you to a healthcare team that has risen to meet an unprecedented challenge to serve this community.”

Rob Santilli, CEO, Gunnison Valley Health