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Dr. Tim Bonney Retires After 18 Years at Gunnison Valley Health

Bringing new life into the Gunnison Valley for 18 years is how obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Tim Bonney, was known and loved by many throughout the community.

Former Gunnison Valley Health’s obstetrics and gynecology nurse of 35 years, Abby Kunes recounts her earlier experiences working with Dr. Bonney.

“With all OB-GYN physicians, it usually takes time to learn their likes, dislikes, personalities and mannerisms. Pretty quickly, I knew one thing that Dr. Bonney was focused on postpartum and surgical bladders. It took me only once to let a woman’s bladder get too full for me to never forget. He involved us in the care of his patients, listened to our concerns and suggestions, and had a sense of humor,” Kunes said.

Although his passion for delivering newborns came to an end in July, his desire to help others continues on with his work in rescuing animals. Abby states, “We were filled with stories and pictures about his passion for rescuing animals, and often accompanying him was his favorite dog.”

Gunnison Valley Health’s Chief of Staff, Kenneth Anderson, D.O, said Dr. Tim Bonney touched many lives and will be deeply missed in this community.

“There wasn't a time where I didn't enjoy my discussions with Dr. Bonney or take away something I was able to use either in my practice or my life,” said Dr. Anderson. “His patients voiced to me how thoughtful and caring he was and always enjoyed their visits with him.”

“On behalf of the medical staff and employees at Gunnison Valley Health, I would like to thank Dr. Bonney for his tremendous dedication and commitment to our community,” he said.

As someone who brought so much knowledge and joy to Gunnison Valley Health, Dr. Tim Bonney will be missed and remembered. However, as many of us know he will continue to do the things he loves, and continue to devote his love and compassion towards his animal rescues.