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Healing with Technology: Cindy’s Story

Three and a half months ago, Cindy Roedder underwent a hip replacement outside of town. Her physician stated that physical therapy was optional, but Cindy felt it was prudent to complete and is thrilled she made that decision. Cindy started seeing physical therapist Barb Kaiser from Gunnison Valley Health Rehabilitation and Athletic Medicine one month after her surgery.

Cindy’s anterior hip replacement that left a thirteen-centimeter scar. The tissue around her incision was swollen and hard. Cindy explained that she did not really experience any significant pain from surgery, just soreness, but it was affecting her day-to-day life.

To support Cindy healing and regaining full function, Barb began deep oscillation therapy using the Chudo Next Generation Hivamat. This non-invasive therapy creates biologically effective oscillations using electrostatic attraction and friction to break up edema, fibrosis and other cell debris, open the lymphatic ducts and move fluid and waste to drain and clear the lymphatic system.

Barb explained the benefits of using this technology. She explained that it can be used to relieve pain, break up scar tissue, reduce swelling and help patients regain mobility quicker.

“It enhances our manual therapy techniques,” said Barb. “Since it is a very gentle technology it can be used early in the treatment process. It acts on connective tissue and pain mediators and allows for a speedier recovery.”

The equipment is newer to Gunnison Valley Health and Cindy was one of the first patients to experience its benefits firsthand. The first experience Cindy describes as “gold” and explained that her scar felt softened, and the surrounding tissue was not as hard.

“I felt such relief,” said Cindy. “Even after one use I felt so much better, it felt absolutely amazing.”

Cindy received treatment five times and explained that each time it felt 100 percent better than the previous treatment. Before starting treatment, Cindy couldn’t lay on that side of her body, and by the fifth treatment she was pleased to say that she could.

Cindy explained that she would recommend seeing Barb and the Hivamat to anyone faced with pain or stiffness.

“I recommend this therapy to anyone,” said Cindy. “If insurance would cover it, I would keep going once a month. It is truly life changing and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Barb Kaiser worked extensively to bring the Chudo Next Generation Hivamat to Gunnison Valley Health. Barb’s tenacity and a generous donation from Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink allows patients to experience the life changing effects this machine can have.

Gunnison Valley Health is proud to have staff who are constantly working to improve our quality of care.

“I am so proud that we employ people like Barb Kaiser who are passionate about their patient care,” said Gunnison Valley Health CEO Jason Amrich. “It tells a lot about our environment that staff are researching and finding ways to implement the latest and greatest equipment. They are constantly striving to provide our patients with the most innovate and compassionate care possible. We are also grateful to have the support of Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink. They have allowed us to implement so much technology in our small community.”