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Supporting Independence – Camille's Story

After undergoing a major surgery, Camille experienced many different aspects of Gunnison Valley Health. Every person that she encountered in the health system focused on her recovery and what needed to occur to ensure that Camille was able to safely get back to living independently.

Following her surgery, Camille needed a short stay at the Gunnison Valley Health Senior Care Center to prepare her to safely return to her home. Once home, she began working with Gunnison Valley Health’s Home Medical Services team to continue her recovery.

The home health team ensured that Camille could move freely and safely around her house. Megan Mensing worked as her physical therapist for a month following her surgery.

“We worked with her until she was strong enough and safe enough for outpatient therapy,” said Megan.

Home Medical Services was able to make recommendations for home modifications to make her home and yard safer for daily life. Megan worked with Camille to improve strength, balance and endurance so she could get back into the community.

Once Camille completed home therapy, she progressed to outpatient therapy with Marilyn Tibljas, Brenda Lee and Ginny Wolfe, all physical therapists in Gunnison Valley Health’s Rehabilitation and Athletic Medicine department. Marilyn, Brenda and Ginny helped Camille regain her range of motion so she could return to her normal life.

“It was really important for us to be able to help Camille regain her independence,” said Marilyn. “I am so glad the rehab department was able to work with her to improve her quality of life following her surgery.”

Camille explained how much she enjoyed the staff at all levels of care.

“All the staff was great,” explained Camille. “They pushed me, and even when I was in pain, they continued to provide excellent care. The nurses and therapists were fabulous.”