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Gunnison Cancer Center Receives Comfy Chemo Shirts Donated by Living Journeys

Thanks to the generosity of Living Journeys, Gunnison Valley Health’s Cancer Center patients will have access to free Comfy Chemo shirts. The shirts are specifically designed for patients with implanted chest venous access devices such as ports. The generous donation is another example of Living Journeys’ continued commitment to supporting the comfort and well-being of every person affected by cancer in the Gunnison Valley.

Gunnison Valley Health CEO, Jason Amrich, expressed his thanks for the continued partnership and support from Living Journeys.

“I am grateful for Living Journeys and their commitment to support our cancer care services and most importantly our patients” Amrich said. “Julie Reid, her team and her board of directors are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of patients and ensuring they receive their care respectfully and comfortably.”

Chemotherapy can be a challenging and often uncomfortable experience, and clothing designed with the specific needs and comfort of cancer patients in mind can make a significant difference. Comfy Chemo shirts were designed by an oncology nurse who saw firsthand the challenges patients faced during chemotherapy. Patients had to stretch or cut their clothing or have it partially or totally removed, leaving them feeling exposed during treatment. The shirts are a way for patients to have clothing that allows for easy, sterile access to the port and still looks and feels like their everyday attire. The goal is to provide comfort and practicality.

Living Journeys Executive Director, Julie Reid, said that this donation perfectly aligns with their mission.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to provide people affected with cancer something that brings them comfort and dignity,” Reid said. “We are constantly looking for ways that we can support our community and ensure that people have the resources they need – both big and small.”

Gunnison Valley Health’s Oncology Manager, Trisha Boulware, said the shirts are already being distributed to patients.

“I have had the pleasure of offering the shirts to our patients and have received wonderful feedback,” Boulware said. “Everyone has been so appreciative of Living Journeys’ generosity and thoughtfulness. Cancer treatment is challenging and even a simple piece of clothing can have a profound impact.”