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Gunnison Valley Health Seeking New Patient and Family Advisory Council Members

Gunnison Valley Health is asking community members who have been a patient or have had a family member who received care in any of the health system’s facilities to apply for its Patient and Family Advisory Council. The group serves in an advisory capacity for the health system, providing ongoing feedback to support the continual improvement of patient safety, quality of care and patient experience.

The overall of objectives of the Patient and Family Advisory Council are to:

  • Provide ongoing feedback that evaluates and seeks to improve patient safety, quality of care and patient experience.
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration among patients, families and Gunnison Valley Health associates.
  • Promote information sharing between Gunnison Valley Health and the community.
  • Promote patient engagement, family advocacy and involvement.

To be eligible to join the council, you need to:

  • Have been a patient at Gunnison Valley Health or have a family member who was a patient.
  • Commit to participation in council meetings every other month over the lunch hour.
  • Commit to a one-year term on the council.

Gunnison Valley Health CEO, Jason Amrich, said the Patient and Family Advisory Council is foundational to the health system’s quality and patient experience initiatives.

“Our Patient and Family Advisory Council provides us with invaluable feedback and input on numerous aspects of care and service at Gunnison Valley Health,” Amrich said. “The importance of having an engaged group of community members who can draw from their own experiences receiving care for themselves and their families in order to provide feedback cannot be understated.”

To learn more or apply, visit