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Introducing Our New MRI Technology

Long gone are the days of enduring MRI scans. Healthcare has evolved, and MRI technology has evolved with it

Now, you can expect a faster, more comfortable, and more accurate MRI exam at Gunnison Valley Health as we complete the installation of our new scanner, the MAGNETOM Sola1.5T MRI.

The technology within the new MRI system will allow us to provide patients with a more comfortable patient experience, while also offering doctors the accurate images they need to make confident healthcare decisions.

The scanner addresses another key challenge: All patients are different. They each have different bodies, different conditions and different needs. MAGNETOM Sola automatically accommodates these anatomical and physiological differences, which decreases the need for rescans and increases scan consistency.

And with a larger opening, plus an array of other innovative technologies, the result is a faster and more comfortable scan for patients.

“We wanted to find the best of both worlds,” says Jason Amrich, Gunnison Valley Health CEO. “On one hand, we were looking for the MRI scanner that delivered the best possible images. On the other, we wanted the best possible experience for our patients.”

And while patient comfort is critical, physicians also love the accuracy and consistency of MAGNETOM Sola. The new scanner delivers unmatched levels of automation and personalization that address patient and user variability and enables high-quality imaging – consistently and efficiently – across all patients and procedures.

All of this amounts to fast, precise and consistent results.

Great news for physicians. And even greater news for patients.