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Expanding Access to Urology Services

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We are thrilled to announce that the Gunnison Valley Health Urology Clinic has recently expanded to include urologic surgeries being performed in Gunnison. Our clinic, led by board-certified physician Cole Wiedel, MD., occurs the third Thursday and Friday of the month in the specialty clinic at the hospital. Previously, patients requiring surgery were referred outside of the valley for their procedures.

Surgery, even when it’s classified as minor, can be stressful for people and an added travel burden only makes that worse. Having the option to receive your care closer to home is an important component of supporting people’s overall health and well-being.

Gunnison Valley Health CEO, Jason Amrich, discussed how the health system works to provide care locally.

“We know that we will never have the ability to make every specialist and every procedure available in the Gunnison Valley, but we are committed to meeting as many of those important healthcare needs as possible. Dr. Wiedel has been running a successful urology clinic within our health system for several years. We consistently receive positive feedback from his patients, and his clinic remains busy. This expansion of our urology service enables our community to receive the care they need without the added burden and expense of having to travel outside of the valley.”

Dr. Wiedel, a Colorado native, obtained his medical degree and completed his residency in urologic surgery at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora, Colorado. His expertise spans men’s health, treatment of prostate and bladder conditions, kidney stones, incontinence, urologic cancers, and pediatric urology. Our urology clinic is situated on the second floor of the hospital within the specialty clinic. For appointments or inquiries, please contact us at 970-641-3927.