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  • The Best Care I Have Received Emergency Department “I was visiting the area, staying overnight at Mt. Crested Butte. I became very ill during the night and had to drive to GVH at around 4am. The care and attention I received was as good, or better than any healthcare campus I have ever been in. Unfortunately, I have had many surgeries and emergencies of various types through the years. As such, I have much experience from which I can make a comparison!”
  • Phenomenal Healthcare Professionals Emergency Department, Inpatient Services “Please make sure all of your dedicated healthcare professionals who were instrumental in my treatment and recovery know that this patient truly appreciated their care. I will be forever grateful and in a way tethered to GVH and the area. I may end up buying a second home in the area and I already know that phenomenal healthcare is very close by if needed!”
  • Incredible Staff Mountain Clinic, Urgent Care “I have to say, it was a stressful experience having my son get hurt but your entire clinic were an absolute pleasure to work with. Every person I interacted with was just incredible and did their best to make the process as smooth as possible. You are all very appreciated. Thank you for what you do.”
  • The best hospital I have ever been in! Inpatient Services “This is the best hospital my husband and I have ever been in. Thank you for your excellent care.”
  • Excellent Radiology Technician Radiology “The Radiology Technician was excellent in helping me to move slowly and carefully in order to avoid pain. She was very gentle and spoke to me softly and with kindness.”
  • Excellent Experience in a Bad Situation Emergency Department “Overall, I had an excellent experience in a bad situation - broken collarbone and three ribs. Everything the doctors, nurses and staff did was without fault. I don’t know how it could have been improved.”