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Behavioral Health Services

Gunnison Valley Health partners with the Center for Mental Health to provide a new model of care to better address the behavioral health need of Gunnison Valley residents. Lorie Fuller, Gunnison Valley Health's behavioral health specialist, works in direct coordination with our clinical care staff to identify and address behavioral health needs in patients. Is a patient feeling sad, stressed, lonely, or hopeless? Are they using substances, struggling to make lifestyle changes, or having a hard time adjusting to change? Those behavioral health considerations can affect their physical health. Likewise, chronic physical pain can affect a patient's mental health. By coordinating care, Lorie and our talented clinical staff can offer integrated services to address a broader spectrum of care considerations.

We offer evidence-based, solution-focused therapy.

Our Behavioral Health Services include:

  • Brief behavioral change assessment and planning
  • Individual therapy
  • A counseling space within a primary care facility to alleviate any anxiety related to social stigmas
  • Education and support groups
  • Suicide prevention
  • Integrated services with multiple agencies

Meet Lorie Fuller

Born and raised locally, Lorie returned to the Gunnison Valley in 2005 and has been working to offer solution-focused therapy throughout the valley ever since. Before joining our team, Lorie spent almost 3 years as a private provider working primarily with youth and families. Prior to that she worked within many systems locally and on the western slope including Gunnison and Mesa County Departments of Health and Human Services, Gunnison and Mesa County School Districts, Gunnison County Juvenile Services, Colorado Department of Youth Corrections, and various private entities. Lorie has a BA in Counseling Psychology from Mesa State College and a MA in Counseling from Adams State College. She is pleased to be offering her services and reaching a broader population through this integrated behavioral health collaboration between Gunnison Valley Health and the Center for Mental Health.

Gunnison Valley Health Behavioral Health – Gunnison
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