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Behavioral Health Services

Gunnison Valley Health partners with the Center for Mental Health to provide a new model of care to better address the behavioral health need of Gunnison Valley residents. Are you feeling sad, stressed, lonely, or hopeless? Are you using substances, struggling to make lifestyle changes, or having a hard time adjusting to change? Those behavioral health considerations can affect an individual’s physical health. Likewise, chronic illness and pain can affect an individual’s mental health. By coordinating care, our talented clinical staff can offer integrated services to address a broader spectrum of care considerations.

Our Behavioral Health Services include:

Our Behavioral Health Services include:

  • Brief behavioral change assessment and planning
  • Individual therapy
  • A counseling space within a primary care facility
  • Intakes for psychiatric care with Center for Mental Health
  • Education and support groups
  • Suicide prevention
  • Integrated services with multiple agencies

Peer Support Specialist Program

Gunnison Valley Health’s Peer Support Specialist Program improves community care for behavioral health clients and creates a calm environment of trust and safety for hospital patients experiencing behavioral health complications. The Peer Support Specialist is a person with lived mental health experience who uses their recovery experiences as a means to help others diagnosed with a mental illness find their own recovery process. The Peer Support Specialist provides the first line of support for people experiencing a crisis in the community as well as providing a helpful role for patients being discharged from the Emergency Room and in need of long term services.

Gunnison Valley Health’s approach has always been to listen and respond to the needs of the community we serve and to be responsive to social determinants. To support individuals who have substance use disorders, as well as mental health issues, requires a unique approach due to the high recidivism within this population. An alternative to inpatient hospitalization, peer crisis services are operated by Peer Support Specialists people who have personal experience with a mental illness. Peer Support Specialists complement the hospital’s multidisciplinary treatment team approach by providing lived experience and client-oriented insight. Fulfilling a unique services gap, this approach assists patients in their stabilization and recovery by providing reassurance, guidance, information, and encouragement.

For more information contact Gunnison Valley Health Peer Support Specialists:

  • Joe (Monday to Thursday) at 970-596-8182
  • Barbara (Friday to Sunday) at 970-596-0127
  • Helena at 719-851-0324
  • Sonny at 719-851-0325

You can meet your Peer Support Specialists here and find out how vital their role is in an emergency - Peer Support Specialist Information

Additional mental health contacts include:

  • Emergency – call 911
  • Crisis hotline 970-252-6220 or 1-844-493-TALK (8255)

Gunnison Valley Health Peer Support Specialists – Gunnison
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