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Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics

Providing emergency medical care in the Gunnison Valley.

Welcome to Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics (formerly Gunnison Valley Health EMS)! Named Colorado’s Ambulance Service of the Year for 2020, Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics is recognized and honored by the State of Colorado as, “an ambulance service which has become a leader in patient care, medical control, quality assurance, public education, public access, training and education.”

Our robust and diverse team of talented professionals comprises our premiere emergency medical care agency- an agency who further specializes in remote patient care and austere mountain rescue. With a passion for progressive practices, our team never stays stagnant, always focused on mastering and employing only the best cutting edge, evidence based medicine.

Our mission is simple: to be an industry leader in prehospital healthcare, 9-1-1 response, and All Hazards rescue, always delivering rapid solutions and aid to our Gunnison residents and visitors in our beautiful Rocky Mountain region.


At Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics, our team is our family. We work continuously to foster a healthy culture of trust, motivation and support, with just enough competitiveness to keep us focused on perpetual improvement. In addition to our team, our large and unique response district means we work closely with our local fire department, law enforcement agencies, the National Park Service, & the Western Mountain Rescue Team. Because our work in rural Gunnison County takes us to the extremes, it is critical to have a multitude of brothers and sisters who will always have our back- this is something we have, and of which we are so proud to be a part!


Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountain Range, in the southwest quadrant of Colorado, Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics services Gunnison County, covering a response district of 4,400 square miles- an area nearly twice the size of Delaware! Situated near Blue Mesa, Colorado’s largest reservoir, with the town proper elevation at over 7,700 feet, Gunnison is seated at the bottom of several valleys, giving it a unique geography that makes it one of the coldest locations in the nation. As such, Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics is prepared to properly respond to medical emergencies in all weather extremes. The varied terrain of our district is also noteworthy, ranging from the low valley, high desert landscape, with sprawling sagebrush and vast exposure, to the winding, steep river canyons, to the forested mountainsides, up to the high alpine peaks.

All Hazards Approach

As an All Hazards team, Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics employs a comprehensive, dynamic approach of preparedness in our diverse district. Covering a multitude of terrains, we respond to an endless combination of hazards, including environmental, topographical, & climate related conditions. Our team is comprised of individuals certified in swift water rescue, ice rescue, avalanche rescue, wildland firefighting, HAZMAT, emergency planning, and rope rescue. We use an arsenal of equipment in our response, to include snow mobiles, all-terrain vehicles, off-road vehicles and work closely with air medical services when required.

Critical Care

Our team covers a large scope of pre-hospital medical care. From our IV certified EMTs, all the way to our Critical Care paramedics, we are able to provide advanced life support and specialized care for anything that comes our way, including infant emergencies, air medical response, and acute inter-facility transports. In 2019, we became the first ground emergency care agency to carry pre-hospital blood products in the state of Colorado!

While we hope to never have to serve YOU, rest assured that our team is ready to provide you, your family, and our community members with the best pre-hospital medicine and rescue services available! Whatever comes your way, we are here for you!

Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics
711 N. Taylor Street | Gunnison CO, 81230 | (970) 641-7276