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The Future of Patient Care Is Now at Gunnison Valley Hospital

Patients checking in to Gunnison Valley Hospital will now experience a more modern facility that is centered on delivering quality patient care for the future.

Gunnison Valley Health’s CEO Rob Santilli said the Patient Care Unit remodel was designed with the patient in mind and the infrastructure to accommodate innovations in healthcare.

“The future of rural healthcare is constantly changing,” said Mr. Santilli. “The opportunities with telehealth continue to improve and our patient rooms now have a new platform to accommodate the most advanced technological innovations.”

Director of the Patient Care Unit Sherilyn Skokan said each room has wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and additional space for visitors to sleep and eat with their loved ones.

“All of the equipment and important outlets are hidden behind custom built cabinetry and artwork which provides a less clinical feel and more of a homelike experience,” said Ms. Skokan.

“Additional space was created for our specialized care teams who complement our physicians and nurses to help deliver an integrated approach to patient care.”

“The new enhancements have streamlined our workflow providing our nurses the ability to deliver the best possible care to our patients,” she said.

Recognizing the strong orthopedic service we have here in the Valley, Skokan said a Total Joint Center was incorporated into this project.

“We work with talented and board certified Orthopedic Surgeons, and now with a dedicated Total Joint Center, we aim to be the number one joint replacement service in the state,” said Ms. Skokan.

Gunnison Valley Hospital first extended its footprint 19 years ago which included the existing 15-room Patient Care Unit. With the remodel of the Birthing Center three years ago, renovating the Patient Care Unit for the future was a priority.

Gunnison Valley Health’s VP of Administrative Services Wade Baker said the $2.1 million remodel was a three phase project that began last September.

“Renovating a hospital in full operation is never an easy task,” said Mr. Baker. “There are a number of challenges to tackle and many elements to consider such as successfully maintaining daily operations to meet patient volume, minimizing downtime and interruptions to utilities, and managing an active infection control program.”

“Thanks to our experienced contractors and the flexibility of our staff, we managed to complete a superior facility on schedule and within budget,” said Mr. Baker.

Santilli further added that Gunnison Valley Health is committed to being a leader in rural healthcare.

“We strive to provide the highest quality of care that rivals anywhere in the nation,” he said. “We will continue to redefine rural healthcare and build towards the future,” he said.