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Gunnison Valley Health Eighth Hospital in the U.S. to Utilize Innovative GE Revolution Maxima CT Scanner

Gunnison Valley Health is now utilizing a 128-slice CT scanner that reduces the dose of radiation while improving the overall patient experience and image quality. Gunnison Valley Health is the eighth hospital in the U.S. and the third in Colorado to utilize this new technology.

This new GE Revolution Maxima CT scanner is highly advanced technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to automate and streamline the patient positioning process. Combined with advanced software designed to provide a high-quality image in less time, patients can see up to 82 percent less dose of radiation.

For Gunnison Valley Health’s Director of Imaging, Brett Bruce, the increased safety and improved patient experience created by the advanced technology was what drew him to the CT scanner.

“Seeing the ability of the CT scanner to significantly reduce the dose while allowing the technician to stay with the patient throughout the process was what initially drew me to investigate the machine,” Bruce said. “Having the technician stay with the patient offers the person more support and helps to ease their anxiety with what is often an intimidating process,” Bruce said.

The artificial intelligence continually learns and adjusts its algorithm enabling the CT scanner to complete the image in half the time which reduces the likelihood of image distortion due to movement or incorrect positioning. This new machine can complete a full heart scan in two heartbeats which is an incredible benefit for cardiac services.

To support patients who may not understand the verbal explanations of the process, there are animations built into the system that show the patient exactly what to expect during the procedure. This feature is especially helpful for pediatric patients and patients whose first language is not English.

Gunnison Valley Health CEO Rob Santilli said that the addition of the new CT scanner is the perfect example of Culture of Innovation, one of the five key components of the Gunnison Valley Health Strategic Plan.

“This new piece of equipment highlights the commitment of Gunnison Valley Health to provide the community with the best technology available,” said Santilli. “This type of innovation is key to ensuring that we are meeting the needs of the community by delivering the best healthcare available.”