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Breast Milk Bank at Gunnison Valley Health

Gunnison Valley Health is excited to announce a partnership with the Mothers’ Milk Bank, a program of Rocky Mountain Children’s Foundation, to provide a breast milk bank for patients who give birth in the Family Birth Center. This partnership ensures that all infants who need human milk can receive it in a timely manner.

Gunnison Valley Health’s Maternal Child Coordinator, Kelsey Weaver, said that this amazing service is made possible due to the generosity of donors who are willing to donate breast milk.

“Our goal is to support mothers and their newborns and the Mothers’ Milk Bank collaboration as one way we are attaining this goal,” Weaver said. “This partnership is an example of how women are supporting one another in the community.”

Mothers’ Milk Bank (MMB) collects, tests and processes human milk to be passed onto babies in need. The babies who will receive this milk may be premature or need human milk to survive and have no other way to receive such milk.

If you are a Gunnison resident looking to become a donor, the process is very easy. Potential donors can begin the screening process by calling Mothers’ Milk Bank at 303-869-1888, toll-free at 833-234-0555 or by submitting a secure online form on their website at

Once the proper screening has been completed by MMB staff, the donor will receive a kit for everything needed to complete blood testing. The blood testing is necessary to look for certain types of diseases, and donors must have their medical records verified by a physician. Donors can bring the testing kit to Gunnison Valley Health, and they will perform the test free of charge.

If you are cleared to become a donor, the MMB will send you a kit to collect and store your milk. The Mother’s Milk Bank understands that the circumstances surrounding becoming a donor can be hectic, so they accept frozen milk. After collection, mothers can bring their collected milk to Gunnison Valley Health, and we will package and mail your milk off to be processed.

If you are a mother in need of milk for your newborn, you have several options. If you are a Gunnison Valley Health patient who gave birth at the Family Birth Center, the staff at the hospital will ensure that you receive the milk and support that you need. Gunnison Valley Health receives processed milk from MMB to use for our babies who need the milk for any reason such as a mother’s supply that is low or maternal health issues. If you are not a GVH patient, you can order milk from the MMB in Denver.

To learn more about the breast milk bank at Gunnison Valley Health, visit