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A Whole New Experience - Don's Story

Don Seastrum experienced vitreous detachment in his eyes fifteen years ago and sought the care of an ophthalmologist to ensure his condition did not worsen. Initially he traveled outside of the Gunnison Valley for that care, but he is now getting the care he needs close to home.

In the beginning Don was getting treatment at a larger clinic out of town. He did not seem to see the same doctor twice and felt like he was on a conveyer belt for his care. Don’s good friend Holly Dodge recommended Dr. Leslie Moskowitz-Elfenbein at Gunnison Valley Health.

Don had never heard of Dr. Moskowitz-Elfenbein but decided to take the recommendation and sought care from her. He was excited to be able to seek care locally. Don has some indications of glaucoma that Dr. Moskowitz-Elfenbein is keeping an eye on. Don was immediately pleased with the level of care she provided.

“Her level of professional care is outstanding,” said Don.

Don no longer felt like he was on a conveyor belt but rather felt that he was receiving individualized care. Don expressed that she was so much more than just her knowledge and skill as an ophthalmologist, her interpersonal relations are top notch.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Don was able to continue his care at Gunnison Valley Health. For Don, it was another indicator of Dr. Moscowitz-Elfenbein's dedication to her patients.

“I appreciate her willingness to see people during COVID,” said Don. “My vision was not something that could wait, and Dr. Moskowitz-Elfenbein made sure her patients are as safe as possible.”

“I could not be happier with her care,” expressed Don. “Gunnison is lucky to have her.”