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Gunnison Valley Health expands cancer rehabilitation options thanks to a donation from Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink

Soon physical and occupational therapists at Gunnison Valley Health will have access to a new piece of cutting-edge equipment thanks to the generosity of Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink. The donation of nearly $14,000 will fund the purchase of the Chudo Next Generation Hivamat, a tool used for deep oscillation therapy. This non-invasive therapy creates biologically effective oscillations using electrostatic attraction and friction to break up edema, fibrosis and other cell debris, open the lymphatic ducts and move fluid and waste to drain and clear the lymphatic system.

Gunnison Valley Health Physical Therapist, Barb Kaiser, said that the addition of deep oscillation therapy to the cancer rehabilitation program will support cancer patients at every stage of treatment.

“I am so grateful for the ongoing support of Tough Enough to Wear Pink and their willingness to fund new treatment options for our patients,” Kaiser said. “Deep oscillation therapy has a 30-year history and a proven track record of success for cancer rehabilitation. Having this tool available at Gunnison Valley Health will support our cancer patients to heal faster with less discomfort.”

When used during therapy sessions, the Chudo Next Generation Hivamat uses electrostatic pulses to create pleasant and deeply effective oscillations in the skin, connective tissue, fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels down to a depth of eight centimeters. The oscillations generate a lifting and kneading effect deep within the damaged tissue to move fluid, remove waste and bring fresh nutrients for faster cellular regeneration. Benefits of the therapy include reduction of pain and inflammation, edema reduction, prevention of secondary and primary lymphedema, muscle relaxation and enhanced mobility and movement-promoting effects. The therapy is gentle enough to begin immediately following surgery and during radiation therapy.

Tough Enough to Wear Pink Executive Director, Heidi Sherratt, said this donation was an easy yes for her and the Tough Enough to Wear Pink board of directors.

“After reading the proposal for the equipment and the incredible healing benefits it will bring for people in the Gunnison Valley this decision was an easy one,” Sherratt said. “The board unanimously voted yes to this request because Tough Enough to Wear Pink wants to continue supporting the expansion of local services to help anyone going through a cancer diagnosis.”

Gunnison Valley Health CEO, Jason Amrich, expressed his thanks to Tough Enough to Wear Pink and their generous donors.

“Having a nonprofit partner like Tough Enough to Wear Pink is an incredible benefit to the health system and all of us who call this valley home,” Amrich said. “I appreciate the support and partnership offered by Heidi and her team. Our strong partnership will help to ensure that every person affected by cancer has the care and support they need.”