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Volunteering for a Cause

Staci Bennett moved to Gunnison over twenty-two years ago. Since then, Staci has made waves in the valley. 

Staci is the organizer for the Gunnison Valley Health Hospice Golf Tournament. The annual tournament is held every fall and all the proceeds go to benefit Gunnison Valley Health’s Hospice Program. This year marks the tenth anniversary, and it only gets better every year. The past nine years have raised just under $100,000 for hospice – with this year bringing in a record $26,000. The tournament has been sold out for the past six years, and Staci is constantly looking for ways to expand the tournament. 

Staci has been at the helm for all ten years, and when asked about the tournament, you can feel the pride she has for the tournament.  

“It’s amazing to see how many people care about hospice in this valley,” said Staci. “I am in awe of what this tournament has become.” 

The tournament originally started as an offshoot of the Dos Rios Women’s League. The group decided to hold a tournament for a charity event, and choosing hospice was a clear decision.  

“We had four or five potential charities, and we all unanimously chose hospice,” said Staci. “It was clear how much this program means in the Gunnison Valley.” 

After a couple seasons leading the tournament with the help of the Women’s League, Staci made the executive decision to talk over the wheel herself. She has been a one woman show ever since. The decision to take over was no small commitment, but Staci says she has always wanted to be involved in charity work and give back to the community. 

Staci’s connection to hospice is multi-fold. Her father-in-law was in hospice in California, and it really opened her eyes to the need for the program. Staci also reminisces about her grandmother’s need for hospice before it was available. 

“My grandmother died of colon cancer in the mid 1970’s. They did not have programs like this back then, there really was no support for families. I wish my family had that support back when we needed it,” said Staci. “It is a beautiful thing to help those patients and their families when they are at the end of their journey.” 

Staci and the hospice team look forward to next year’s tournament and want to thank all the amazing volunteers, players, and patients that make it a success year after year!