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Seeing Things Differently - Holly's Story

Holly Dodge’s art studio is a calm and peaceful area that sits adjacent to her house. Holly jokes about her studio – and that “everyone needs one.” Holly was just finishing writing a piece when we sat down to chat. This might not seem significant, but for Holly it is.

Holly received a diagnosis of legal blindness at the age of twelve. It took many years and many surgeons to help Holly regain a life with vision. After multiple surgeries in Holly’s early twenties, she regained her sight. Holly now uses her amazing art studio to read, write and she is an avid artist – working in graphite and watercolor. She has even regained enough vision to drive a car.

Holly’s childhood was unique compared to most of her peers due to her vision issues. She learned to drive at a much later date than her friends, and she had to learn how to perform different activities – such as how to use a cane.

Throughout the journey to regain her vision, Holly has seen her fair share of doctors, including physicians from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Johns Hopkins. After moving to the Gunnison Valley, Holly turned her eye care over to Dr. Leslie Moskowitz-Elfenbein.

“I have had extensive experience with the top eye doctors in this country, and Dr. Leslie Moskowitz-Elfenbein is right there with them. I was stunned with her care,” said Holly. “The Gunnison Valley is very lucky to have someone of her quality.”

Holly sees Dr. Moskowitz-Elfenbein every six to eight weeks to ensure that her eyes are stable.

Holly explained that she feels Dr. Moskowitz-Elfenbein really knows her craft. Holly elaborated that she is aware when she should refer patients; showing that she is self-aware, confident and knowledgeable. She also is very connected in the vision world – allowing her patients to get into specialists they otherwise might never be able to see.

“Dr. Moskowitz-Elfenbein keeps me in the world of vision,” said Holly. “She helps me maintain a normal and full life.”

Holly highly recommends Dr. Moskowitz-Elfenbein and said she truly enjoys her appointments. Holly has referred several of her friends and loves to talk about the great service that she provides.

“I truly appreciate having Dr. Moskowitz-Elfenbein in the Gunnison Valley. I am so grateful to Gunnison Valley Health for bringing her here,” said Holly.