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Take a Behind the Scenes Look at Gunnison Valley Health’s Cancer Screening and Care Services

Local nonprofit organizations, Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink and Living Journeys, are partnering with Gunnison Valley Health to provide you a behind the scenes look at the cancer-related services, technology and expertise available locally. Catch It Early: Cancer Screenings Save Lives, is happening on Thursday, March 2 at the hospital beginning at 5:30 p.m. In addition to tours and time with the clinical teams, the free event will feature information from Tough Enough to Wear Pink and Living Journeys, drawings for door prizes and delicious appetizers.

Tough Enough to Wear Pink’s Executive Director, Heidi Sherratt, said that the event is a unique opportunity for the community to learn more about the cancer services available right here in the Gunnison Valley.

“Over the years, Tough Enough to Wear Pink has worked closely with Gunnison Valley Health to support the growth and development of top-notch cancer care services,” Sherratt said. “We want everyone to know what is available to them locally and this is a unique opportunity to learn more and get all your questions answered.”

The event will highlight five distinct areas of the health system that work collaboratively to provide care.

Primary Care. Your primary care provider is your partner in prevention when it comes to cancer. Dr. Kenneth Anderson, from the Gunnison Valley Health Family Medicine Clinic, will be available to discuss the role of primary care in prevention, screening and treatment of cancer.

Radiology. Whether screening occurs as a part of your routine wellness exams or because of symptoms or concerns, having the right equipment and expertise is critical to catching cancer early. Gunnison Valley Health is fortunate to have onsite radiologist Dr. William Graf who is a part of Radiology Imaging Associates. Dr. Graf and the team will introduce the procedures and equipment available to screen for lung and breast cancer including the 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography machine donated by Tough Enough to Wear Pink.

General Surgery. The gold standard for colon and rectal cancer screening is a colonoscopy. Dr. Andrew Salim and Dr. Augustine Lee will be on hand to explain the colonoscopy procedure and their role in cancer treatment at Gunnison Valley Health.

Rehabilitation. Going through treatment for a cancer diagnosis can be difficult and people experience side effects and complications that can have major impacts on quality of life. Therapists at Gunnison Valley Health offer a wide array of services to support healing and quality of life. Therapists will discuss their role and demonstrate their latest offering, the Chudo Next Generation Hivamat. Donated by Tough Enough to Wear Pink, this deep oscillation therapy tool provides numerous benefits.

Oncology. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, receiving care quickly in a calm, supportive and comfortable setting is invaluable. Dr. Paulette Blanchet, Gunnison Valley Health’s on-site oncologist, and the nursing staff at the Cancer Care Center will provide a tour of the treatment space and discuss what is available at Gunnison Valley Health.

Living Journeys’ Executive Director, Julie Reid, said the event will be an opportunity for the community to enjoy great food, win great prizes and learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

“We all know that catching cancer early is the best form of prevention,” Reid said. “This is an opportunity to spend time together and get the information we need to stay on top of our health.”

Gunnison Valley Health CEO, Jason Amrich, said the goal of the event is to highlight available services.

“Typically, people don’t get a full picture of what’s involved in cancer screening and care until they are in the process of receiving care, so we want to give a safe space to ask questions and know your options,” Amrich said. “All of us in the Gunnison Valley are fortunate to have access to cutting edge equipment, highly trained clinicians and support from Tough Enough to Wear Pink and Living Journeys.”