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Getting Dawn Back on the Snowbanks

Dawn Cohen has been suffering from a numb knee for a long time. As all of us do, she lived with the inconvenience and just kept pushing through.   

Eventually Dawn decided to make the leap and schedule an appointment with a physical therapist Kristin Grimes, PT, DPT, NCS at Gunnison Valley Health Rehabilitation in Crested Butte.  

Kristin started treating Dawn and worked to improve her knee symptoms. At first glance it appeared to be a nerve injury, but it became clear that more was at play. Kristin felt that the numbness warranted seeing a neurologist, and Dawn followed that recommendation and scheduled an appointment. That was when Dawn received her multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis.  

Kristin continues to see Dawn, giving her exercises to help ease the stiffness, fatigue and incoordination that is associated with her MS. Kristin also uses dry needling to help activate nerve passages which helps Dawn’s knee regain sensation. There is a known link between the role of physical therapy and MS, and Kristin feels lucky to get to work with Dawn and help improve her knee function – as well as overall wellbeing.  

“Dawn is so motivated and eager,” said Kristin. “She is amazing to work with. Patients like her are the reason I love what I do.”  

Dawn described the work Kristin is doing as lifesaving.  

“Kristin has been a pleasure to work with,” said Dawn. “She has helped keep me calm through this emotional diagnosis. Kristin has helped me become comfortable with my body following my diagnosis and that has been a tremendous help. Kristin has such a calm mannerism, and I actually look forward to each session with her. Kristin is very knowledgeable in her field and is very intrigued to learn more. I couldn't ask for a better physical therapist, I think being knowledgeable and the ability to advance by learning are her strongest features. I want to thank Kristin for getting me back on the snowbanks and painting!”