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Hiring Home Grown Talent – Tony Smithdorf’s Story

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Tony Smithdorf works as a sleep technician for Gunnison Valley Health Sleep Center. Tony accepted the position in December of 2022. 

Tony originally joined the health system in December of 2020 as an environmental services technician. Tony enjoyed the job and gave it his 110 percent. Tony explained that when he first started, he was hesitant, as it was a drastic change from his previous career. 

“My supervisor, Jake, made me feel very comfortable,” explained Tony. “He helped me ease into my new position. He pushed me to continue my education and furthering my career.” 

When the sleep study position came open, Tony immediately knew he wanted to apply. Tony applied and was promoted to sleep technician in December of 2022. 

Tony enthusiastically explained his new position as a sleep technician.  

“In this role I look at problems patients are having with breathing – especially here at high elevation. We diagnose low oxygen and breathing problems including diagnosing or confirming a suspected sleep apnea diagnosis. Once a patient is diagnosed they can then begin to treat it using a c-pap machine.” 

“I enjoy helping patients,” Tony continued. “It’s amazing to be able to improve someone’s quality of life.” 

Tony moved to Gunnison in 2014 to pursue a career in mining. He was born and raised in Zimbabwe, until he had to move south following conflict in South Africa. Tony has been active in the mining industry since 1980. He has worked in many different mines including gold, emerald, copper and nickel.  

Tony explained how excited he was to move up within the health system. 

“There are always opportunities at Gunnison Valley Health,” said Tony. “The possibilities are endless. All you must do is take advantage of the opportunities.”