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Performance and Athletic Training.

In the Gunnison Valley, athletes come in all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Athletic activities involve coordinated movements beyond what is required to go about your daily living and can involve sports but also include things such as shoveling snow, gardening, riding a horse, hiking and many common job responsibilities. At Gunnison Valley Health Rehab and Athletic Medicine, our goal is to care for and support the people of our community.

Our Athletic Medicine team includes physical therapists who have worked in professional sports, with college and high school teams and top endurance athletes but mostly with weekend warriors, active adults and "industrial athletes" (people whose job is physical). The Gunnison Valley Health Athletic Medicine team is comprised of skilled therapists who are athletes in their own right. We understand how important recreation, athletics and the ability to work hard are to our community. We work to make sure you can "get out there" healthier, faster, and stronger.

Your session at Gunnison Valley Health Rehab and Athletic Medicine is always one-on-one with a licensed physical therapist. We believe strongly in using current, evidence-based treatments and manual therapy whenever appropriate. We invest heavily in education to keep our therapists current with innovative treatments.

We employ techniques such as:

  • Therapeutic dry needling
  • Graston
  • Joint mobilizations
  • Active release to “reset” your body if needed
  • Blood flow restriction techniques
  • Bike fitting
  • Gait/running analysis
  • Pre and post-surgical care
  • Return to sport training

For more information or to get started, call 970-641-7248.

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