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Health Spot: Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is a condition that causes your bones to be weak and more likely to break. Because osteoporosis normally has no signs or symptoms until you break a bone, it is important to get a bone density scan to determine if you are at risk.

My name is Brett Bruce, and I am the director of Imaging for Gunnison Valley Health.

A bone density scan measures how strong your bones are. The scan is similar to an x-ray and is not painful. It measures the bone mineral density of your bones and is performed on your spine, lower arm, and hip.

There are many factors that increase your risk of osteoporosis including advancing age, smoking, family history of hip fractures, certain diseases, excessive alcohol consumption and a low BMI. Post-menopausal women not taking estrogen are also at a higher risk.

It is recommended that you receive the test every two years. However, if you are at risk your doctor can work with you to increase the frequency.

Early detection and treatment can help you prevent painful fractures and breaks.

To learn more, contact your primary care provider or the Gunnison Valley Health Diagnostic Imaging Department at 970-641-7253.