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Whether you are preparing for your first baby or your fifth, expectant parents can always use a little extra help. Gunnison Valley Health offers doula services to help make the childbirth experience easier for mom and dad.

A doula provides continuous physical and emotional support to a mother and her partner during pregnancy, childbirth and after giving birth. From emotional support and education to help with household chores and everything in between, your doula acts as a guide and a resource to help create the best experience possible.

Doulas offer a wide array of support including:

  • Education and information regarding pregnancy and resources for expectant parents.
  • Childbirth education and coaching to help you understand your options and create a birth plan.
  • Support navigating the medical aspects of childbirth.
  • Support with pain relief techniques during labor and childbirth.
  • Support with infant feeding.
  • Postpartum assistance for you and your family. This can include support for your partner and other children, help with household chores and emotional support for you.

Adding a doula to your birth team gives you access to a wealth of knowledge which enriches the experience and surrounds you in a layer of support. Benefits of doula support include:

  • Decreased rates of c-sections.
  • Decreased use of pain medication during labor.
  • Increased support for the mother.
  • When desired, a doula can completely free your partner from coaching tasks so they can enjoy the process and focus on supporting you emotionally.

How to Access Services

Insurance carriers do not typically cover doula services and families will need to pay independently for this beneficial service. Thanks to the generosity of the Gunnison Valley Health Foundation, we offer this service at no cost to mothers who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Are enrolled in Medicaid
  • Have high medical needs
  • Have a maternal mental health diagnosis

Request Doula Services

For more information about doula services, contact the Family Birth Center at (970) 641-1456.

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